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  • Teplytsya Platform of Initiatives

    The Teplytsya (“Greenhouse”) platform of initiatives began work on May 16, 2015 in the city of Slovyansk. After opening Vilna Hata (“Free House”) in Kramatorsk, a large group of volunteers from Slovyansk were excited about the idea of creating a similar platform in their city.


    Teplytsya  is an open space for community initiatives where anyone can contribute to its creation, propose the idea of the event and organize it.  It is also a space for informal education, self-development and creativity of free people, where everyone can realize themselves, share experience, reveal ideas and find like-minded people.


    The main purpose of the project is to help residents improve their city.


    The platform operates in 3 main directions:

    • Informal education. People need to understand that in today’s world the knowledge obtained in schools and universities is not enough— they need to engage in self-development.  Therefore, Teplytsya conducted various trainings and workshops where people can improve their knowledge, try their hand at something new and get out of their comfort zone.
    • Social direction. The idea is to help a neighbor. It is actually not hard to help people, for instance, to assist with the repairs or make some benches or visit children on St. Nicholas Day.
    • Urban studies and cultural direction. Unfortunately, the art that prevails in Slavjansk  is very old, very soviet. However, there always appears something new.  For example, in  Shovkovichniy Park, there is a wonderful large new mural on the cinema wall made by locals from Slovyansk and artists from Kharkiv.


    In the Teplytsya platform, the young people are not only having fun. Initiative groups are implementing important social projects. The most popular of them is the project called “Poetry of the walls” (restoration of apartment passageways, a project  by volunteer Inessa Vjenikova), that was conducted in a series of urban hachkathons.  The mini-grant competition was held on the territory of Teplytsya for youth from UNICEF.


    There are no restrictions on age, seх, or any other indicators. There are two topics visitors try not to raise: political views and religious preferences. Those topics are very acute which divide our society, while the Teplytsya platform aims to unite it.


    Visit us: Slovyansk city, st. Vasylivska, 49 on weekdays from 12:00 to 21:00


    Project Coordinator: Anna Avdiyants tel. 050 825 46 20 e-mail: teplycya@gmail.com

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