Be the Change!

About Us

The Lviv Education Foundation started its activities in 2000. The first project was the construction and the launch of a public library in the city of Dobrotvir. As of today, about 10 major projects were implemented in the social field.


Our mission:

We promote and support humanistic, moral and ethical values through educational activities in order to create the favourable conditions for the development of Ukrainian society.


Our goals:

  • to raise the spiritual, moral and educational level of young people;
  • to improve the socio-economic situation for Ukrainians;
  • to develop a tolerant environment in Ukraine with the comfortable conditions for every citizen, regardless of physical condition, religion or social status.


Our tasks:

  • to provide assistance to businesses and individuals that introduce  innovative trends in the social, educational and cultural fields;
  • to support educational programs in orphanages, shelters, medical and social institutions;
  • to promote talented youth;
  • to support leaders who take responsibility for the development of the country and can improve the situation in society.


  • Marjana Kashchak


    +38(093) 729 35 90

    e-mail: lviveduproject@gmail.com

    Deputy Executive Director
  • Natalia Shalata


    +38(093) 449 97 74; +38(068) 707 40 11

    e-mail: lef.socialprojects@gmail.com 

    Project coordinator of Ginger program
  • Yurko Didula


    +38(063) 025 06 82

    e-mail: didulayurko@gmail.com

    Project manager of “BUT” program
  • Ivanka Diman


    +38(093) 039 38 60

    e-mail: johannadiman@gmail.com

    Manager of public relations
  • Anna Gladka


    +38(063) 244 13 21

    e-mail: lvivedu@gmail.com

    Finance manager
  • Marianna Bilyk   +38(098) 577 11 31 e-mail: bilykmari@gmail.comProject manager of “Big Brother” program
  • Andriy Levytskyy


    +38(063) 075 93 02

    e-mail: andriylevco@gmail.com

    Manager of projects and programs