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Youth platform “Vilna Khata”

VilKha (short for “Free House”) is a public space for personal development and growth, and the realization of dreams and ideas for the city. It has its own atmosphere which contributes to a homelike, creative mood and makes it possible to find other youth of similar interests. Everyone can just come and drink coffee, read a book, chat with an interesting person, play board games, do homework and prepare for exams, listen to a lecture or attend a master class. It is an educational and artistic space. Everyone can be himself or herself here, relax and feel free from the daily routine and start to create.

“Vilna Khata” opened its doors on December 6, 2014 in Kramatorsk. Everything began in September of that year with the volunteer camp “Building Ukraine Together”. The camp lasted for a month, but when it ended the society faced an urgent need for a public space where young people could communicate, create and implement their plans. This is how the idea appeared to create space such as “Vilna Khata” (Free House) in Kramatorsk.



“ VilKha” actively participates in the following social projects:


  • mentoring (work with children and local boarding school);
  • “Good neighbor” (helping needy families);
  • Volunteer camp “Building Ukraine together”;
  • social intrepreneurship in the “Creative Workshop”.

We learn languages, learn to be responsible, share our experience with people from other countries and from different ukrainian cities, for implementing our projects and initiatives. Every day we conduct events with interesting guests.  We are always glad to have a new acquaintance and we’re open to all, regardless of political or religious preferences. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join us!


Visit us:
Kramatorsk city, vul. Dvirceva, 28 on weekdays from 12:00 to 21:00

Project coordinator: Mykola Dorokhov +38 (063) 504 28 00 e-mail: vilhavilha@gmail.com