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“Big Brother” program for kids of heroes ATO

A mentoring program for children of the ATO heroes was created to support children whose father died during the war in Eastern Ukraine. The program was created in September 2014, and from that time it has managed to unite about 40 mentors from all over Ukraine.

Who is a mentor?


A mentor is a special kind of helper who works with others in a positive, constructive way. To become a mentor it is not necessarily to have expertise in psychology or education — above all you need to be responsible and to have a good attitude to the child. The mentors do many things together with children such as do homework, travel, visit art centers, go to the theater, watch movie, etc. The main task is to create a positive atmosphere around the child. Participants of the program: Lesja and Vlad (Drohobich city).



Participants of the program: Lesja and Vlad (Drohobich city, Lviv region)


How the mentoring program works?

The program maintains work in the following areas:

  1. Education – helping the child with homework  and visiting different learning centres.

  2. Leisure — spending time together hiking, walking, visiting the cinema, theater or circus.

  3. Art — developing the talents and skills of the child who had not had the courage or opportunity to open himself.

The “Big brother” program has few areas of work with kids:

Art school. The mail idea of this event is to gather participants from all over Ukraine in Lviv to meet and communicate with each other and have fun.  Art school includes master classes: making ornaments with ribbons,  postcards, sand animation; visits to various interesting places of the city etc. This event has 2 purposes:

  • for kids – to givepositive emotions through art;
  • for mentors – to demonstrate different techniques that they can use in the communication process with kids.

Help me to help others – the main idea of this work to attract  mentor and child to help people in need. This process gives this child to feel his  necessary and responsibility in such area. 

Postcrossing – liaise children and mentors, and share postcards with each other.



How to become a mentor?
If you are young, active and want to share your free time with a new friend, then Join Us!

Application form –  bigbrotherlef@gmail.com 

To learn more about the program- visit our Facebook page “Big Brother” (Старший брат)



Agatha Christie once said “One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is to have a happy childhood.” So, give a child a part of yourself and your soul will be filled with light.



Program coordinator : Marianna Bilyk +380985771131 skype: marianna.kaspryshyn e-mail: big_brother@lef.org.uа