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Family center “Ryasne” welcomes everyone

There is no more responsible, exciting and yet more difficult task than to give birth and raise a child.  During the mastering of the new role as mom or dad, each of us needs new information, knowledge, skills and support. We believe that in today’s world it is important to promote healthy values and properly build the harmonious relations between parents and children.

Therefore, on August 12, 2015 the family center “Ryasne” was opened. The new school year began with more than 160 children and with 10  qualified teachers.


Young Lions in training – photo

Our main tasks:

  • to promote the preservation and development of the family;
  • comprehensive development of children and adults;
  • family leisure.

The program maintains work in the following areas:

  • pre-school, where the youngest children attend kindergarden to get ready for school;
  • sports where a child learns the basics of boxing, choreography and recreational gymnastics;
  • learning learning: 2 times a week in the kindergarden and 2 times in groups;
  • arts where a child is involved in art design, drawing, attending vocal and drama school and learn to play guitar;
  • organizing children’s birthday parties.

Over time we have successfully conducted 5 training camps, of which 2 were in English when Professor John White and 4 students from the United States joined the camps.


English summer camp brought together over 50 participants.


The older students can improve their knowledge of English, art design and oriental dance.


Vocal and theatre lessons in the studio.


Also, we recently launched a parent club called “Nest”, where fathers and mothers can participate in the interesting workshops.


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Our contacts:

Lviv, vul. Shevchenko 370 A , on weekdays from 10:00 to 20:00 tel. 068,917 June 2; 063 207 44 57 e-mail: riasnecenter@lef.org.ua