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Project “Building Ukraine together”

“Building Ukraine Together” (abbreviated BUR in Ukrainian) is a nationwide volunteer program which aims to make Ukrainian youth mobile and unite them around the principles of mutual aid and responsibility.


How it all started?

In the summer of 2014, based on the consequences of military operations in Eastern Ukraine, the team of the Lviv Education Foundation came up with an idea to create a volunteer camp.  They united the young people from all over Ukraine to help people there who could not cope with their problems. Therefore, during two months 80 volunteers repaired 25 apartments.


 vvv Semenivka village Donetsk region 


Our activities continued in 2015, first in Lviv where we renovated an apartment destroyed by a fire and rebuilt the gym in a village school. In August, more than 30 volunteers from 13 regions of Ukraine arrived to the city of Slovyansk to rebuild 8 large-scale dwellings  together with 40 local volunteers.



Why is that relevant?

Because the volunteer  camp is for every young person:

  • to travel and get to know Ukraine;
  • to meet and talk with different people, thus destroying the stereotypes of East and West;
  • to  help those who need it and participate in the development of effective local communities;
  • to exercise in an active way for fun and social benefit.



How do we implement it?

The uniqueness of our camp is that we gather volunteers from all over Ukraine to work with local volunteers.  Our work is effective because:

  • we have assembled a team of young volunteers full of enthusiasm and inspiration;
  • we have three years of experience in such activities;
  • we attract artists who are great specialists in their field;
  • we love what we do.



What was done in 2016?

We decided to expand our field of activities across the country, since in almost every Ukrainian town or village there are people who were affected by the war. Therefore, we worked in 11 Ukrainian cities for 13 weeks of the summer and fall season.



We restored a number of houses for needy families and low-income people. Also, we worked on the improvement of the public spaces with stylish benches, swings, sandboxes, parking for bicycles etc.; cleaning parks, squares and embankments; planting trees and flowers, creating expressive murals.



Svatove Lugansk region – photo



Melitopol Zaporiggia region, public space renovation in  Gorkogo park – photo


Children’s library in Pavlograd Dnipropetrovsk region- photo


“Building Ukaine Together” camp grows, so let’s grow together!